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Off Grid Hardware - Shelby helped us decide on some key items for our tiny (eventual off-grid) home.  We ordered our Natures Head toilet through him and hope to utilize Off-Grid Hardware for our Berky Water Filter as well.  Check out their website for some really cool stuff.

TinyHouseGiantJourney.com - Jenna and Guillame have been an inspiration to many as they travel the United States sharing their story, passion and talents with others. 

RelaxShacks - Deek is a tiny home genius and has created some amazing little shacks.  He has a great book, very helpful blog, and wonderful hands-on courses.

Tumbleweedhouse.com -  Their classes and teachers are incredibly helpful.  We took We are utilizing their trailer and modifying their Elm plan.  Great place to start your journey.  Great company with very helpful people.

Brandon & Susan Pollard
- local activists and pollinators of people. They are the Urum and Thummim that guide us in our path.

The Texas Worm Ranch -  Heather Rinaldi is a staple of organic living.  She can be found at one of the best farmer's markets in Dallas selling her premium worm castings and delicious organic vegetables.

Slow Food Dallas - Slow Food is an idea, a way of living and a way of eating.  Slow Food Dallas supports activities and education to preserve biodiversity in the food supply and spread the education of taste through events and initiatives.  Find the Slow Food in you're area!


Humble Homes, Simple Shacks, Cozy Cottages, Ramshackle Retreats, Funky Forts: And Whatever The Heck Else We 
Could Squeeze In Here – by Derek Dr DiedricksenTiny Homes: Simple Shelter by Lloyd Kahn
Tiny House Design & Construction Guide by Dan Louche
Tiny House Floor Plans: Over 200 Interior Designs for Tiny Houses by Michael Janzen
Tiny Houses: A Beginner's Guide to Living SmallJun 25, 2014by J.R. Shepherd
The Small House BookFeb 6, 2012by Jay Shafer


Our Build Location and get-a-way: Lakewood is one of the premier craft brewers in Dallas.  We were so excited when Wim returned our call and stated he was interested in sharing their space for our tiny house build. Lakewood captured our hearts when they burst on the scene in 2011 and we've enjoyed countless Saturdays relaxing at their brew tours. They handcraft small batch beers that are full of unique, exciting flavors and reflect the timelessness, creativity, and energetic fun that makes Lakewood less of a place and more of a feeling. Come.  Swing by, check out their new taproom and enjoy a pint with us as we build our house!

Our Hardware Store and Community Hub: Amazing little homesteading store.  Andrea Ridout has created the first GREEN True Value Hardware store voted the #1 New Small Hardware Store in the Country for 2014. They carry everything from bee keeping equipment to locally made goods.  Andrea has helped us build relationships with many of the suppliers we're using in our build.  Her connections throughout radio and television have also provide great local exposure.  We are thankful to have her as a friend and that she allowed us to build the foundation of our tiny house at her store. 

Our Master Green Consultant:  Don Ferrier is a muli-generational green builder.  He is honored to be recognized by the National Association of Homebuilders as a leading green builder in the United States.  He has won numerous awards for his innovative designs and we are thankful to have him as a partner on our build.  As our Master Green Builder Consultant on our project, his knowledge, expertise,  ever-present kindness and humor have been an invaluable aspect of our project. 

Our SIP Supplier: Damian at Fischer SIPS was incredibly helpful and easy to work with throughout our ordering process.  They provide the SIPs panels for the first ever LEED certified home in Texas and only the third in the United States.  Don Ferrier has worked with Fischer SIPs to create several Net Zero homes.  We are proud to be partnering with a company like FischerSIPs for the 'bones' of our tiny home. 

Our Windows: Andersen windows is a leader in energy efficient windows.  We are honored to have their 100 series windows in our tiny house.  Their new 100 series windows feature the same beauty, strength and efficiency you've come to expect from Andersen Windows but they've taken the sustainability aspect a step further.  The 100 Series windows are made with their unique, revolutionary Fibrex composite material.  Fibrex is made from the waste saw dust created during the manufacturing process of their wooden windows.  And they're made within ten miles of our build site!

Our Roof: What better than a Roof of Steel to protect all the hard work you've put into building your home!  When we're driving down the highway with our house in tow we knew we wanted the best so we turned to Keith at Classic Superoof.  Their reputation and superior product are unrivaled in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  The roof is  one of the most notable aspects of any tiny house and Superoof's selection of colors gave us just what we wanted to make our home beautiful.

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