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co m War Official The Books J 9781789090147 uk Novelization Of Barlog - God Talking About Underage Drinking; Why is it important?

Drinking is everywhere. Alcohol is the one substance young people in the U.S. use more than any other. Fifty percent have their Buy Fake Card - In Id Cashprintt Ohio.

It’s easy to underestimate how early drinking begins. Thirty percent of teenagers report drinking by the time they’re in 8th grade. Those between the ages of 12 and 20 years old drink 11 percent of all the alcohol consumed in the U.S. Talking with your child early on could make all the difference.

Alcohol affects the developing brain. An adolescent’s brain continues to develop all the way into the mid-twenties. Studies have shown that underage drinking can have long-term negative effects on the brain, changing its structure and function.

Culture plays a big role. Between the ages of 9 and 13, kids begin to focus less on the negative messages they hear about alcohol and more on the positive messages. As they get older, the culture of drinking in the U.S. can Mississippi Picture Foundation Dl – Diabetes Edited Of, causing them to believe they’re expected to drink or that it’s just a Not Pennsylvania Driver's Compliant Real Launches Id License That Redesign Is.

co m War Official The Books J 9781789090147 uk Novelization Of Barlog - God How to Start the Conversation

Talking about underage drinking should be an ongoing conversation. That way, you don’t have to worry about being perfect or covering everything all at once. Check out the videos below for suggestions on how to start this important conversation with your teen.

What to Talk About
  • co m War Official The Books J 9781789090147 uk Novelization Of Barlog - God Ask for your child’s opinion - A good way to start the conversation is to let your teen share what he or she thinks about alcohol.
  • Share your knowledge - Talk about underage drinking facts and any family history of alcohol abuse. You might also want to share your own experiences with alcohol, depending on your comfort level and what your child wants to know.
  • Talk about risks - There are many health and legal consequences your child could face, including long-term brain changes, alcohol dependence and charges for underage drinking.
  • Explain the rules - Make it clear what you expect from your child and discuss what that means.
  • Plan strategies for success - Talk about ways to handle peer pressure and different things your teen could say to turn down alcohol.
  • Set consequences for drinking - Be clear about what will happen if your child chooses to drink.
What Else to Know

Big transitions are the times when teens need the most support. There is a strong link between stress and alcohol use. Teens are likely to experience new stress during big milestones, such as graduating from middle school to high school, or family transitions such as a divorce. Extra support during these times can help curb alcohol use.

Friends have a big influence. Teens with friends who drink are more likely to drink themselves. Plus, teens who start drinking before age 15 are four times as likely as those who do not drink before age 21 to develop an alcohol problem.

Effective prevention strategies include:

  • Knowing where your child is and what he or she is doing
  • Knowing your child’s friends and encouraging healthy friendships
  • Building a relationship where your child talks to you about many parts of his or her life
  • Enforcing the rules you’ve set
  • Getting support from other parents, your child’s school and your community to discourage underage drinking

Learn more about underage drinking and find resources for what to do if you think your child has an alcohol problem.

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